We believe every brand has its own story.
At sym/design, we create a roadmap for your business, transforming a traditional
dining and shopping experience to cutting edge layout and design.


sym/design is a boutique design studio based in Sydney specialising in brand solutions across a spectrum of creative services; from brand creation and visual  identity, to collateral production, interior spaces and fit-outs. We are dedicated to tailor-making a stress-free and innovative solution for your business, to bring your brand to life with genuine commitment from start to finish. With us, you can relax as we undertake your project in a timely, cost-effective and stress-free manner in the process to create your brand design and visual identity.


We pay close attention to detail in our services, from the look and feel of a logo, to the last piece of lighting in a room, starting from truly understanding our clients to bring their brand to life. Our creative processes are fuelled by strategic direction, an astute approach to the market and expertise on the latest design trends.